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Floor plans for your New Digs

If you’re the architectural type, or a design nerd, or simply a keener for details, feel free to check out our floor plans. Scott Block Lofts offers ten different layouts at various square footage and price points, which means we’ve got the perfect place for you! But there’s a whole lot to these lofts that you can’t appreciate here.

Enormous windows and natural light, for starters. Every loft has a ceiling height of at least 10 feet, and windows are waaay larger than standard. We’ve maintained the original window design of Scott Block Lofts, but have updated with all new panes and moulding to meet Heritage Building standards. Open up that bad boy and enjoy your coffee on the extra deep sill.

Scott block lofts

If you’re quick enough to score a loft on the east side, you’ve got it made. This is hands down the best view your rental money can buy in Winnipeg, with jaw-dropping views of downtown, including the Canadian Museum of Human Rights and the Forks.

Great vision and imaginative planning mean you’re living large with a small footprint. Stone countertops, polished concrete floors and columns, and stainless steel finishes create a light look and feel that’s completely unique in Winnipeg. Couple these reflective finishes with sleek design, huge windows and high ceilings, and you’ll be amazed by the spaciousness of your new digs.

If this all sounds too good to be true, isn’t it time we meet? Connect with us here, and a Scott Block Loft agent will get back to you within 24 hours!

Scott block lofts

Scott Block Lofts maintains its original 1904 exterior of rare red limestone. Start your day off on the original staircase on the north end of the building – a real beauty. Wrought iron, wood cap, and stone stairs that have carried dreams and schemes for more than a century. Imagine if those stairs could talk!

We’re big on the perks at Scott Block Lofts also. Enjoy our in-house gym, complete with elliptical, treadmill, free and machine weights, and all the fixings, like bosu balls and exercise bands, and of course, we are a healthy smoke-free environment!

Moving day will be a cinch, as we’ve included not one, but two enormous elevators in our plans. You’ll love our easy-access bike storage, and we’ve even included a station for small bike repairs. And we’re a cat & dog-friendly building! We’ll be happy to meet your furry family.

Moving day will be a cinch, as we’ve included not one, but two enormous elevators in our plans.

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