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Live Lofty

Loft living has been around for centuries. Consider the free spirits and free thinkers of the early 20th century, creating original lifestyles in the ateliers and workshop studios of Paris and London. Then, decades later, the re-imagined factories of New York City making space for the avant gardes and creatives, magnetically drawn to the buzz and allure of a reinvigorated…

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Steps Away From It All

Let’s be honest. This is a prairie city. We like our space and our city attests to it. There aren’t many communities in Winnipeg where you could live without a vehicle or reliance on public transportation. But 272 Main Street makes life on foot (or by bike—we’ve got plenty of storage and not one neighbour cussing out your wheels) a…

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It’s All Outside Your Door

Winnipeg is in the midst of a boom, the likes of which we haven’t seen in almost a century. Our cultural attractions and business developments are gaining attention on the world’s stage, while our downtown is exploding with new ways to celebrate, get healthy and express yourself. And Scott Block Lofts is right in the middle of it all, within…

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