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The ‘Peg Downtown – It’s All Outside Your Door

Winnipeg is in the midst of a boom, the likes of which we haven’t seen in almost a century. Our cultural attractions and business developments are gaining attention on the world’s stage, while our downtown is exploding with new ways to celebrate, get healthy and express yourself. And Scott Block Lofts is right in the middle of it all, within walking distance of a dizzying array of incredible experiences.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Turn it up at the most authentic British pub around, Canada’s best honky-tonk, or dance the night away in a hot, hot, hot nightclub!

Put your pooch in his best sweater (did we mention Scott Block Lofts is pet-friendly?) and work off last night’s adventures with a stroll through the historic Exchange District. Take in North America’s best-preserved early 20th century architecture and vintage buildings. Grab an all-the-rage donut, a perfectly poured cuppa and check out the local artists and curated treasures on display in the district’s charming boutique shops and inviting galleries. Restock and replenish for the week in underground Winnipeg Square. Or sweat it out at Yoga Public, Canada’s largest yoga playground.

The foodie scene in Winnipeg has never been better, from high-brow steakhouses to low-key brunches, from artisanal eateries to classic diners. Locavores, vegans, gluttons, you… everyone has their favorite place in downtown Winnipeg!

MTS Centre

The Forks Market

theforks-logoTo the east, The Forks (where the Red and the Assiniboine Rivers meet) has been a meeting place for thousands of years. Enjoy unique crafts, international cuisine and the beautiful scenery of the Assiniboine Riverwalk. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights will open your mind and inspire. Just across the street, the Goldeyes will entertain and cheer you, while the sun slowly sets on a lazy CN train as it winds its way past the ballpark.

Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

theforks-logoNeed to get cultured? Blocks from your door you’ll find The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Centennial Concert Hall, Manitoba Museum, Millennial Library and more. If that all sounds too formal to you, wander over to Old Market Square, which will be teeming with the blues, jazz, reggae, electronica, improv, and even Shakespeare.


Steps Away From It All

Should you choose to leave downtown, the Peg’s public transportation makes it oh so easy. You’re just a quick walk down the street from both Graham Station and City Hall, major hubs for Winnipeg Transit. The Southwest Transitway will have you at the south end of the city in no time flat for class at the University of Manitoba, to catch the Blue Bombers in action or maybe even the hottest show in town at Investors Group Field.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

There’s something about the spirit of Winnipeggers that can’t be beat. Our legendary winters keep our creatives huddled together making art. (Don’t worry! You’ll love our extensive underground walkways and next-door Winnipeg Square, which has everything you need.) Then, we reap the rewards of their hard work all glorious summer long. That’s right, Winnipeg is one of the sunniest cities on the planet!

Musicians, chefs, and even test market businesses, talk about Winnipeg as the best place in North America to try out new creations. If you can make it in front of our discerning audiences and patrons, you can make it anywhere. The bar is set high here and although we’re used to the comforts and conveniences of a big league city, we’re still very much small town in spirit.

Long ago, we stopped worrying about what people from other places think. We dream big under endless prairie skies. We make bold moves, thanks to our scrappy work ethic and can-do character. We’re living the good life and we’re inviting you to join us!