Live Lofty

Live Lofty

Loft living has been around for centuries. Consider the free spirits and free thinkers of the early 20th century, creating original lifestyles in the ateliers and workshop studios of Paris and London. Then, decades later, the re-imagined factories of New York City making space for the avant gardes and creatives, magnetically drawn to the buzz and allure of a reinvigorated downtown.

These trendsetting metropolises had one thing in common—the movers and shakers, schemers and dreamers who inhabited them. They claimed their unorthodox living spaces and made them their own. In turn, they had an infectious impact on their neighbourhoods. Small businesses thrived, nightlife flourished, and strangers became friends. Living, working and playing became interchangeable shifts in lives fully lived.

Finally, rental loft living has come to Winnipeg’s Downtown!

The historic Scott Block Lofts at 272 Main Street in downtown Winnipeg offer an enchanting new world of living arrangements and accommodation for budding academics and aspiring professionals of all ages. We’re a building of friendly, open people ready to welcome you to the good life. Got roomies of the furry persuasion? Fantastic! Pets are welcome here.

The Loft’s history gives you cred. The open concept gives you free rein. Indulgent 12-foot high ceilings make the most of Winnipeg’s finest cityscape views. The Loft’s authentic industrial feel provides an irresistible backdrop for your persona to shine through.

It’s a new philosophy, too.

Leave the harried commutes, pseudo-ponds and condo fees behind. That’s someone else’s dream. How about living your dream right now! You’ll have every opportunity to live inspired, with the extra cash in hand to enjoy your buzzing neighborhood. Scott Block Lofts is an easy starting point to every destination in Winnipeg and offers a cool, cozy place for downtime, with everything you have time to enjoy just outside your door. The best of both worlds? We think so.